All Terrain Vehicles will be allowed to operate in The City of Corner Brook beginning May 1st until November 30th 2024 on designated roadways listed below. A permit is required for residents of Corner Brook who would like to leave from their residence to link up to the designated route. You must remain on the designated route and restrict travel between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. each day. Past-issued permits are still valid. If there is a change in vehicle, insurance or riders, please contact 709-637-1500 or via email at

  • Riverside Drive (west from the intersection of the Northshore Highway)
  • Main Street
  • Herald Avenue
  • Broadway
  • Pier Road
  • Griffin Drive
  • Petries Street (from the intersection of Curling Street to the intersection of McLeod’s Lane)
  • McLeod’s Lane
  • Hilliard’s Road
  • Confederation Drive
  • Lundrigan Drive

Following Section 5 of the revised City of Corner Brook Recreational Vehicle Regulation 2022, the Director or their Designate may issue a permit to operate on a roadway other than the designated route. This is for residents who live near a route or trailhead ONLY. The program is intended to link residents on non-designated routes with the designated route as well as nearby trailheads.

To Apply for a New Permit:

  • Applicants must be a resident of Corner Brook. Applicants residing adjacent to a route need not submit their application.
  • Please complete the online form in the interactive map or fill in the online form below. The ATV Permit Application is also available at the Customer Service desk or a PDF Form can be printed here.
  • When you apply for a permit, you must identify the nearest route or trailhead in your application.
  • Once your application is submitted, your proposed route will be assessed and if it meets the safety guidelines, the permit will be issued to you. Once the route is approved you may not deviate from it at any time, or risk fines as indicated in City of Corner Brook Recreational Vehicle Regulation 2022.
  • Please note: Due to the large volume of submissions for this program, getting your ATV Permit may take more time.
  • When picking up your permit, please bring the following as it is required for the permit to be released:
    • Drivers’ licenses for ALL drivers on your application.
    • ATV Registration.
    • Proof of insurance.

Please remember that until you have received your permit, accessing ATVs on routes that are not designated is not allowed as per the bylaw Recreational Vehicles Regulation 2022. Questions can be forwarded to We appreciate your patience at this time and hope you have a great season riding!

How to use the online interactive map to apply for a permit:


Apply for a New Permit or update your current permit in the interactive map:

Apply for a New Permit through the Online Form

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