The City of Corner Brook Act provides authority to the Council of the City of Corner Brook to make certain regulations, (commonly referred to as by-laws).  Regulations passed by the Council of the City of Corner Brook have the same legal affect as laws passed by the House of Assembly.

A complete listing of all City regulations is available below in PDF format:

Adult Materials Display Regulations

Animal Regulations

Anti Litter Regulations

Bicycle Helmet Regulations

Building By-Law

Bus Regulations

Commercial Motor Vehicle Regulations

Council Remuneration and Reimbursement Regulations 2018

Downtown Business Improvement Areas Regulations

Discharging of Fireworks Regulations

Driveway Culverts Regulations

Fire Prevention Regulation

Garbage & Refuse Regulations

Load Limit Regulations

Metered Parking Regulations 2019

Mobile Vending Regulations

Noise Regulations

Parks Regulations

Pellet and Air Gun Regulations

Recreational Vehicles Regulations

Repeal Regulation

Sign Regulations

Skateboard & In-Line Skate Regulations

Street By-Law

Swimming Pool Regulations

Taxi Regulations

Teen Dance Hall Regulations

Third Party and Digital Signage Regulation

Traffic Regulations

Tree By-Law

Urban Hen By-Law

Vote by Mail Regulations

Water and Sewerage Regulations

Watershed Protection Regulations

Disclaimer:  By-laws contained in this section, have been prepared for the purpose of convenience only and are not certified true copies.  When available, consolidated versions including the original by-law and any subsequent amendments are combined.  To obtain an official copy of a City bylaw(s) please contact the Office of the City Clerk at or by calling 709-637-1534

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