Yearly, the City of Corner Brook awards grants to local organizations for initiatives that enhance our community. This could include supporting festivals and events, or even helping to fund non-profits and neighbourhood groups.

The types of grants, and eligibility requirements, is included below. Applications will be accepted up until all current year budgeted grant funds are distributed.

For more information please contact 637-1512. To make an application, please fill out this form.

1. Standing Grants (Operational Grants)
The purpose of standing grants is to provide reliable funding for general operating expenses of core community groups, including administrative costs and project-related expenses. Standing grants may be discontinued with one year’s notice to the recipient. Standing grants will continue from year-to year as operational grants within the departmental budget, however the recipient organization must submit a Standing Grant Annual Report and budget for the year outlining how the previous year’s grant was used and how the following year’s grant will be used and include most recent year-end financial statements.

2. Project/Event Grant: Up to a maximum of $2,000
The purpose of the Project/Event Grants is to support projects and events proposed by a community-based, registered, non-profit organizations who are in good standing with the City.
Grants can include both cash and in-kind contribution requests for various organizational activities. To the best of their ability, recipients must acknowledge the support of the City of Corner Brook in all publicity materials and communication, including social media, announcements, banners and signs. Applicants must submit a Community Grants Application and other items outlined in the Eligibility for Grants section of this policy. Ten Thousand ($10,000) from the Community Grant Program is to be dedicated to Project/Events Grants. If the number of applications exceeds the allocated budget, applications will be assessed and prioritized with priority given to new projects over returning applicants.

3. Festival and Event Funding (up to a maximum of $10,000)
The City of Corner Brook values organizations that host large scale festivals and events within the City that promote and support tourism and economic development. The objective of the funding is to create local economic impact while supporting the goals of the organization.

4. Neighbourhood Grants: up to $1,000)
Neighbourhood Incentive grants will be made available to resident led groups to help them enhance their neighbourhoods and contribute to neighbourhood beautification initiatives and building
community pride. Criteria

  • Initiated by local residents (minimum of three)
  • Create gathering spots to bring people together
  • Residents take the lead. City staff will be available to provide advice in design, development, installation construction and regulatory guidelines
  • Project must be completed within one year of application funding
  • At least 25% of the grant funds matched must come from the applicant


Eligible Applicants

With the exception of the neighbourhood grant organizations applying for a community grant must meet the following criteria:

  • The organization must be a not-for-profit incorporated organization or registered charitable organization that has been in operation for a minimum of one year
  • The organization must be governed by a community-based volunteer Board of Directors
  • The organization extends its services to the general public of the City of Corner Brook
  • The organization must demonstrate fiscal responsibility and sustainability

Ineligible Applicants

  • An individual or private enterprise
  • For-profit organizations
  • Other levels of government
  • Organizations with political affiliations
  • Organizations that provide grants to others
  • Group or organization that are overdue on money or obligations to the City of Corner Brook
  • Group or organization with an outstanding final report from a previous grant submission
  • Organizations whose activities or outcomes are inconsistent with the City of Corner Brook values or goals
  • Organizations that may be located within the City of Corner Brook, but are more regionally oriented, or that represent or service a special interest group shall not be considered under the Municipal Grants Program unless the organization receives funding from regional or other municipal government(s) that would also benefit from the organization’s initiative(s).
  • Organizations whose activities may breach the Human Rights Code or Charter of Rights

Project Eligibility

  • Be accessible to everyone and have broad community outreach
  • Have a budget separate from the organization’s operating budget
  • Benefit the citizens of the City of Corner Brook
  • Include volunteer involvement
  • Have a specific benefit and outcome that pro-actively contributes to the City’s priorities of a green sustainable city, downtown and tourism development; and health and wellness
  • Be sustainable beyond the support of the municipal grant
  • The event/project must take place within City limits
  • Only one application per organization can be submitted annually
  • Repeat grant applications must demonstrate how their initiative differs from their previous application.

Ineligible Projects and expenditures include:

  • Programs that other levels of government have legislated responsibility for funding
  • Costs related to fundraising activities
  • More than 25% of the budget of the project is dependent on the city grant
  • Retroactive payments: Activities or costs incurred before grant is approved
  • Consideration will not be given to recreational sports groups, nor will funds be used to sponsor an individual athlete or team for a competition, or to subsidize participation in a sports event under the Community Grant Program. Funding for sport groups is covered under the Convention Special Event Seed Funding Policy.

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