Waste Programs

 Service will resume on Wednesday December 28th with Day 1.

Due to unusual scheduling, Day 4 has been moved to Monday January 2nd. The regular schedule will resume on January 3rd with Day 5.

The complimentary holiday garbage drop-off bins will return to the Civic Centre parking lot on Tuesday, December 27th. This service is intended ONLY for the excess household waste which may result from the holidays. This does NOT include recyclables.

Residents are reminded that after statutory holidays they are allowed a six bag limit for garbage instead of the usual 4. Because the Civic Centre bins are for excess waste outside of your normal post-holiday six bag limit ONLY and tend to fill up quickly every year, if you don’t need to use them, please don’t!

We would also like to remind you the complimentary garbage bins are for regular household waste ONLY. For more information about what is or is not allowed please follow this link (link). If there is any garbage placed in the bins which fall outside of these categories, it may result in the bins being taken away early so your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. The area will be under video surveillance.

The bins will be in place until January 2, 2023.