To change, add, or remove a name from the property tax assessment roll you will need to provide a copy of your deed proving ownership.  If you do not have a Deed of Conveyance or Deed of Assent for your property showing transfer of ownership, you will be required to provide additional documentation to the City.


The City will require both of the following to add a name to the assessment roll:

  • a copy of the marriage certificate
  • Affidavit of Status in the form prescribed by City Hall. The Matrimonial Home Form can be found here.


A name can only be removed from a property when a new deed is received demonstrating a person is no longer listed on the deed.


If both spouses’ names are listed as owners of the property, the name of the deceased can be removed from the property when the following documents are presented:

  • Funeral Home Death Notice
  • A signed Spouse Removal Affidavit, which can be found here.

In the case of the death of a property owner, the name can only be changed, or removed, once a copy of the deed is received after the estate has been legally settled.

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