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The City of Corner Brook has received an application to remove mineral samples from our Protected Water Supply Area (PWSA) Zone. The use is mineral exploration and is considered a “Discretionary Use” of the City of Corner Brook’s Development Regulations.

This application is to complete bulk rock sample collection from four sites with a total volume of 10m3. The materials are to be transported off site in pieces in 1 tonne fibre bags via helicopter. There is to be no drilling or blasting, the proponent is collecting existing samples from four blast trenches completed in 2012.

This mineral claim existed previous to the development of the Corner Brook Watershed Management, at that time the mineral exploration had progressed to Stage 2 (trenching and removal of material). This application does not propose to progress further, it is only to remove material from existing trenches.

Discretionary Use Applications within the PWSA are assessed by staff to ensure all regulations are met, and then reviewed based on additional parameters set out in Corner Brook’s Watershed Management Plan. Once this review is complete a public notice is sent out to ensure public feedback is considered, and the application presented to the Watershed Management Committee. Discretionary applications are not put in front of council for discretionary approval until all of the steps mentioned above have been completed and a comprehensive package compiled.

Additional Information is available at the following links:

Development Zones for Corner Brooks Watershed

City of Corner Brook 2012 Development Regulations

The public is advised that should they wish to provide comment about the proposed development they may do so in writing by contacting the Development & Planning Office at City Hall by July 8, 2024.  Comments can be forwarded to: Development & Planning Division, City of Corner Brook, P.O. Box 1080, Corner Brook, NL, A2H 6E1;  Fax: 637-1514; Email:


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