Adopt-a-Hydrant Program


Adopt-a-Hydrant Program and Contest for Winter 2019-2020

Adopt-a-Hydrant has been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents are asked to continue clearing out their nearest hydrant in the meantime and the City will reach out with details going forward! Thank you for your help so far. 

The ADOPT-A-HYDRANT program encourages residents of the City of Corner Brook to help keep fire hydrants in the city clear of snow during the winter months.

Currently, the City of Corner Brook owns, operates and maintains 743 fire hydrants. After a major snowstorm it can take several days to clear hydrants so again this year the City is encouraging everyone to adopt a hydrant and help keep them clear.

During the winter fire hydrants can get buried under snow and are not immediately accessible during an emergency. In an emergency, firefighters have to locate and shovel out uncleared hydrants before hooking up; losing valuable time to control fires and save lives. But you can help!


The Contest begins on the week of December 1,  2019 and ends on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at 4:30 pm


The program is open to all residents, businesses, families and community organizations in Corner Brook that want to ensure the safety of their neighbourhoods by volunteering to clear hydrants in order to help firefighters quickly find and use hydrants in an emergency.


  1. Adopt a hydrant by:
    • Filling out the form below
    • Email
    • Fill out the form that comes in your email and send it back or drop it off
    • Call 709-637-1616
  2. Clear a 3 foot area around your adopted hydrant after each snowfall, or when it is heavily covered in snow and clear a path to the street from the hydrant.
  3. Notify the Adopt-a-Hydrant program by emailing each time you clear your adopted hydrant after a snowfall, or when it is covered in.


Each email you send in to notify the Adopt-a-Hydrant program of hydrant clearing is a single entry into our Adopt-a-Hydrant contest for Winter 2019-2020

  • There is a weekly $50 gift certificate.


A gift certificate valued at $4000.00 for a trip for two to the sunny south, redeemable at our sponsoring travel agency CWT-Harveys Travel


Thank You to our Contest Sponsor and Supporter




To see if a hydrant needs to be adopted, please look at the hydrant map below. Smiley faces indicate a happy, adopted hydrant. Red Image result for red circle png means this hydrant is available for adoption.

For adopting a hydrant and keeping it clear, you will receive a hydrant adoption certificate along with entry to the contest, as well as the Fire Department and City’s sincere thanks and appreciation for helping keep our hydrants clear!


Hydrant Contest

Hydrant Contest Project



Week 1 – Wayne Hynes – Hydrant # 430 Prize: $50 Canadian Tire gift card

Week 2 – Kirby Hancock – Hydrant # 372 Prize: $50 Jungle Jim’s gift card

Week 3 – Shelli Penney – Hydrant # 246 Prize: $50 Jungle Jim’s gift card

Week 4 – Chris Strickland – Hydrant # 613 Prize: $50 Pizza Delight gift card

Week 5 – Simon Knight – Hydrant # 80 Prize: $50 Canadian Tire gift card

Week 6 – Ian Jones – Hydrant # 71 Prize: $50 Pizza Delight gift card

Week 7 – Mike Lynch – Hydrant # 519 Prize: $50 Ultramar Gas card

Week 8 – Rufus Drake and Grace LeDrew – Hydrant # 72 Prize: $50 Ultramar Gas card

Week 9 – Craig Hiscock – Hydrant #273 Prize $50 Canadian Tire gift card

Week 10- Jason Earl – Hydrant # 267 Prize $50 Boston Pizza gift card

Week 11 –  Brian O’Neill – Hydrant # 748 Prize $50 Boston Pizza gift card 

Week 12 – Olivia Brinston – Hydrant # 158 Prize $50 Coleman’s gift card

Week 13 – Ingraham Payne – Hydrant # 89 Prize $50 Coleman’s gift card

Week 14 – Kevin Young – Hydrant # 490 Prize $50 Coleman’s gift card





























By entering the Contest, each entrant agrees to abide by the Contest Rules.