Development Regulations & Guidelines

Development Regulations 2012

For development on any land in the City of Corner Brook, a number of regulations and guidelines need to be followed.  The guiding regulatory document for all land use considerations related to the enforcement and implementation of the Municipal Plan is the City of Corner Brook 2012 Development Regulations.  Other regulations may also apply depending on the nature of the proposal.

The City of Corner Brook Development Regulations 2012 can be viewed or downloaded in PDF by clicking here.

These Development Regulations are representations of the original documents and are to be used for reference purposed only.  This online version may be updated without notice therefore, for specific application purposes or for confirmation of standards please clarify with the Planning Division or the Development Inspections Division of Community Services.

Land Use Zoning Maps

Zone or Use Zone:  An area designated on the Zoning Map to which the physical uses, standards, and conditions of a particular Use Zone Table of the Development Regulations apply.  Sample zones include, Residential Medium Density (RMD) and General Industrial (GI).  The City of Corner Brook is divided into 32 zones including residential, industrial, commercial and open space.  The Development Regulations provide information on general regulations and standards for types of structures or uses that are permitted or may be permitted with discretion in each zone.  The regulations also provide definitions, information on signage, classification of uses of land and buildings, and parking requirements.

Click the links below to view the Zoning Maps in Adobe PDF (links below to download Adobe Reader).  Page sizes are approximately 34 x 48 inches although can be reduced as necessary.

Click here to view our interactive Zoning Map.

Planning staff are available to respond to all concerns related to zoning and amendments and can be contacted at 709-637-1553 or 709-637-1578.

Permitted Uses versus Discretionary Uses

Permitted uses refers to primary land uses such as agriculture, or a development types such as a single family residence, that can be permitted in a zone without requiring a public consultation activity.  Discretionary uses are those secondary uses of land or development types that may be permitted to occur if City Council is satisfied that the development meets the general intent and purpose of the Development Regulations, the Municipal Plan, or any other scheme, plan or regulation that may affect a property.  Development applications seeking approval for a discretionary use must consider the public interest and therefore by advertised in a newspaper circulated in the affected area, or by any other means deemed necessary to inform the public of the proposal and to provide a venue to express their objections or representations to City Council.

Planning staff are available to respond to all concerns related to zoning and amendments and can be contacted at 709-637-1553 or 709-637-1578.

Subdivision Design and Municipal Engineering Standards

The Subdivision Design Procedures and Municipal Engineering Standards for the City of Corner Brook is a document that provides definitions, procedures, engineering, construction and design, and submission standards for subdivision development.  This document is not intended to supersede or replace the City of Corner Brook Development Regulations, but is to be read in conjunction with that document and all applicable Provincial Acts and Regulations.

The level of requirements for subdivision development plans depend on the complexity of the subdivision.  Please contact the Development Inspection division to determine specific subdivision plan requirements.

Click here for the legal documents that may apply.

Third Party and Digital Signage Regulations

Third Party and Digital Signage Regulation

These files are available to download in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer it can be downloaded free by clicking on the link below.