Requirements For Use of Freestanding-Outdoor Fireplaces

This information is presented for persons using commercially available outdoor fireplaces. While there is little code-related material on these types of appliances, the standard fire safety and common-sense approach should be applied.
  1. Appliance must be approved for the particular type of use.
  2. Fuel must be what is referred to as normal combustibles. (ie-wood) No petroleum-based material is to be burned in these appliances.
  3. Petroleum-based fuels must not be used to start the fire.
  4. Appliance must have spark arrestors in place. This is a device at the top of the vent pipe that prevents sparks and embers from being released.
  5. Placement of the appliance must allow for two-metre clearance on three sides and three metres from the loading door. This clearance is measured from the nearest combustibles. (ie- buildings, patio railings and furniture, fuel for the appliance etc.) Five-metre clearance must be maintained from propane-BBQ tanks.
  6. Extinguishers must be kept within easy access, at all times. This may be in the form of approved Class A extinguishers or a garden hose.
  7. A responsible adult must supervise the fire at all times.
  8. All fire must be extinguished before leaving the appliance unattended.
  9. These devices shall not be used when wind conditions are such that they may cause embers to ignite surrounding material.
  10. If the device is placed on a wooded patio deck they must sit on a non-combustible pad such as patio blocks. The blocks must extend 18 inches beyond (In front of) the loading door.
  11. These devices may not be used during times when the Provincial fire weather index is in the high or extreme range. This information can be obtained by telephoning the Provincial Forestry Service at (709) 637-2408.
The responsibility to ensure the use of the appliance is safe lies with the homeowner. This responsibility also applies to any inconvenience to neighbors.   Any compliant regarding the use of the device will be investigated by the Corner Brook Fire Department and may result in extinguishment under the auspices of the relevant bylaws.


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