Call the City’s Customer Service Line for service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:  709-637-1666.

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For a more detailed listing of city staff by department, please follow the links below.

City Manager’s Office
Civic Centre
Community, Engineering Development & Planning
Community Services
Finance & Administration
Protective Services
Public Works Division
Water & Wastewater Division
City Council

City Manager’s Office

Name Position Phone
Darren Charters Acting City Manager 709-637-1532
Kelsey Smith Executive Assistant 709-637-1508
Jessica Smith City Clerk 709-637-1534
Gloria Manning Legislative Clerk 709-637-1535
Ryan Butt Communications Officer 709-637-1662

Community, Engineering, Development & Planning

Name Position Phone
Darren Charters Director of Community, Engineering, Development & Planning 709-637-1541
Lesley Alexander Administrative Assistant 709-637-1547

Civic Centre

Name Position Phone
Willie Smith General Manager 709-637-1245
Lovelyn Acantilado Administrative Assistant 709-637-1230
Max Simms Events Coordinator 709-637-1259
Vacant Operations Supervisor 709-637-1295
Joy Janes Finance/Accounts 709-637-1323
Stephanie Bennett Supervisor of Recreation Services 709-637-1232
Robin Ellsworth Recreation Technician 709-637-1577

Community Services

Name Position Phone
Peter Robinson Director of Recreation 709-637-1526
Manas Mukhopadhyay Business Facilitator 709-637-1551
Kirstin Mercer Sustainable Development Technician 709-637-1630
Glenda Simms Supervisor of Tourism 709-637-1588
Billy White Tourism Development Assistant 709-637-1565

Development and Planning

Name Position Phone
Deon Rumbolt Manager of Development and Planning 709-637-1550
Shelley Stewart Office Assistant II 709-637-1554
vacant Supervisor of Planning 709-637-1556
Christina Pye Planning Technician II 709-637-1578
Charlotte Patterson Development Inspector III 709-637-1525
Darryl Skinner Development Inspector III 709-637-1549
Stephanie Hancock Development Inspector II 709-637-1553
James King Development Inspector I 709-637-1510


Name Position Phone
Aaron O’Brien Manager of Engineering Services 709-637-1626
Melody Roberts Office Assistant II 709-637-1540
Scott Remo Supervisor of Engineering (Roads) 709-637-1503
Mark Kennedy Supervisor of Engineering (W&S/GIS) 709-637-1542
Erik Neilson Supervisor of Engineering (W&S) 709-637-1638
Robyn Snook GIS Administrator 709-637-1656
Aaron Wells CAD Technician II 709-637-1546
Chantelle Elms Survey Technician II 709-637-1500 ext. 545
Shana Hayward Job Costing Clerk 709-637-1633
Darren Peddle Building Systems Operator 709-637-1648

Finance & Administration Department

Name Position Phone
Sieven Maistry Director of Finance & Administration 709-637-1563
Alicia Park Administrative Assistant 709-637-1512
Lori Lee Sharpe City Solicitor 709-637-1641
Brandon Duffy Supervisor of Land Management 709-637-1544

Human Resources

Name Position Phone
Krista Rose Manager of Human Resources 709-637-1527
Michelle McIsaac Supervisor of Benefits & Compensation 709-637-1590
Sonya Bragg Supervisor of Payroll 709-637-1591
Lisa Butt Human Resources/Payroll Specialist 709-637-1589
Charmaine Gilbert-Hatcher Supervisor of Occupational Health & Safety 709-637-1649


Name Position Phone
Charise Payne Manager of Treasury Services 709-637-1567
Michelle Walsh City Collector 709-637-1568
Elena Companion Accounting Clerk III 709-637-1538
Mary Lou LeRoy Accounting Clerk II 709-637-1572
Julia Hinks Accounting Clerk I 709-637-1631
June Fraser Customer Service Representative 709-637-1500
Janice Reid Customer Service Representative 709-637-1500

Information Technology

Name Position Phone
Frazer Parsons Supervisor of Computer Services 709-637-1513
David Brake Computer Support Specialist 709-637-1566
Tony Freake Computer Support Specialist 709-637-1505

Protective Services

Name Position Phone
Todd Flynn Director of Protective Services 709-637-1570
Tena Reid 911 PSAP Supervisor 709-637-1692

Fire Department

Name Position Phone
Derek Simmons Deputy Fire Chief 709-637-1618
Daniel Eisenhauer Assistant Deputy Chief 709-637-1623
Jeff White Assistant Deputy Chief 709-637-1615
Scott Conway Captain of Training 709-637-1635
Justin Martineau Captain of Prevention & Inspection 709-637-1611

Municipal Enforcement

Name Position Phone
Roy Teliz Senior Municipal Enforcement Officer 709-637-1500
Jarvis Baines Municipal Enforcement Officer 709-637-1500
Jamie Alexander Municipal Enforcement Officer 709-637-1500
Derek Tilley Municipal Enforcement Officer/Animal Control 709-637-1500
Bradley Saint Municipal Enforcement Officer/Animal Control 709-637-1500
Jennifer Eisenhauer Municipal Enforcement Officer/Animal Control 709-637-1500

Public Works Division

Name Position Phone
Rod Follett Superintendent of Works 709-637-1636
Sandie Batt Office Assistant III 709-637-1533
Tony Reddy Foreman 709-637-1500
Shawn Reid Foreman 709-637-1500
Jason Connolly Foreman 709-637-1500
Duke Cooper Foreman 709-637-1500
Doug Bungay Foreman 709-637-1500

Water & Wastewater Division

Name Position Phone
Donald Burden Director of Public Works, Water & Wastewater 709-637-1509
Tina Randell Stock Clerk 709-637-1571
Dawn Marshall  Fleet Management Coordinator 709-637-1610
Carl Griffin Mechanical Shop 709-637-1613
Keith Costello Superintendent of Water & Wastewater 709-637-1595
Doug Bungay Foreman 709-637-1500
Jay McLeod Foreman 709-637-1500
Evan Fisher Foreman 709-637-1500
Meagan Patey Office Assistant III 709-637-1596

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