Youth Advisory Committee

The Corner Brook Youth Advisory Committee was formed in January 2020. This committee;
Provides input and advice to the Mayor, Council and administration on municipal issues that affect youth; 
Consults with other departments, agencies, and organizations that are involved in youth initiatives; 
Organizes events that allow youth to participate in community spaces, events, and activities in a meaningful way. 

The City of Corner Brook believes that: 
– youth are integral parts of the community that have inherent rights and responsibilities. 
– youth shall be encouraged to take part in democratic initiatives at the local level.
– youth shall be exposed to local government and positions in the municipal sector to encourage growth in and pursuit of these careers. 
– youth grow and develop leadership skills when provided opportunities to advise, grow and participate. 

Composition and Membership 
The Committee consists of Councillors and staff including:
Councillor L. Chaisson (Chair) 
Mayor J. Parsons (ex-officio) 
All Councillors (optional) 
City Manager 
Other Managers (as required) 
Recording Secretary 
Youth – between the ages of 13 and 19

Youth Members:
Scott Beales, Mira Buckle (co-chair), Maggie Hunt, Levi Jacobsen, Jenna Leyte, Rachael O’Reilly, Luke Thibeau, Brianna McKenzie.

Corner Brook Youth Advisory Committee Projects:

“Signs of Hope”

The “Signs of Hope” campaign was an initiative to spread positivity during Covid-19. Signs were placed around Corner Brook with different messages. They were; Stay kind, You grow through what you go through, Pause and enjoy the moment, Be “leaf” in yourself, and Plant seeds of positivity. As part of the project, the CBYAC held a social media contest. Residents of Corner Brook submitted selfies with a sign and posted on Facebook or Twitter with #CBKindness.
There are plans for the signs to be put in indoor spaces during the winter months.

Community Garden

The committee had a plot at the Reid Street Community Garden. The group grew potatoes, green beans and sugar snap peas. All produce was donated to the Xavier House. There are plans for members to volunteer at Xavier House throughout the year.

For more information about the Corner Brook Youth Advisory Committee contact Jessica Smith:

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