City of Corner Brook Submission – Fracking Review Panel  (Click to View)

On behalf of the Council of the City of Corner Brook we would like to thank you for the opportunity to provide input to the Hydraulic Fracking Review Panel. As a Council we have a responsibility to ensure our citizens’ voice is heard when addressing major issues affecting our community. On this particular topic we have not received clear consensus from residents on the hydraulic fracking debate. As an elected body, we acknowledge that we do not have the expertise within our organization to make a definitive assessment on whether hydraulic fracking should be permitted within the province and in proximity to our community. In the public domain there are a lot of opponents and supporters of hydraulic fracking. As a Council we are listening to the arguments from all sides.


City of Corner Brook’s presentation to the Electoral Boundaries Commission  (Click to View)

As a Council we fully recognize the difficult task the Commission faces in balancing many competing objectives. Our Council clearly understands the mandate of the Electoral Boundaries Commissions. Our presentation today will focus on the proposed districts for Corner Brook and how we feel it will impact our constituents. At the outset I would like to voice our opposition to the reduction of seats from forty-eight to forty. I believe the reduction of seats will have a detrimental impact on rural Newfoundland and particularly communities outside the Avalon Peninsula. It is our overall recommendation that the status quo of forty eight seats in the House of Assembly remain in place. Given that the Commission has submitted a proposal to divide of the province into forty districts we submit the following feedback.


Kennedy Report – Alleged Breach of Confidentiality – April 17, 2012  (Click to View)


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